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If you are looking for a 3D Top-down Twin stick tank vs zombies shooter game, looking no more!

Your land is being invaded by zombies! Let drive the mighty tank into battle!

  • Kill zombies by shoot or run over them.
  • Eat gold chests to gain money; and use money to buy auto-turrets and explosion barrels


  • Arrow keys to move
  • Mouse to aim and shoot. Left mouse to shoot laze; right mouse to shoot a cannon ball. Cannon ball is really powerful, and is able to destroy a big group of zombie (even you if you stand too close). But cannon ball is not free: $10 per shoot!
  • Click on Buy button to buy turrets (hot key T) and explosion barrels (hot key B) . Turrets and explosion barrels will be placed in the back of the tank when bought.
  • There are 4 types of zombies. Some of them are very fast, while some are very strong

The game is in development and more features are coming. In the next version, enemies will have the abilities to fight back; and there will be another levels, where you conquer and liberate villages.

This game is FREE, but I would really appreciate donations :D

Tank vs Zombies gameplay video (Youtube)

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